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Zwift - How to save a few bucks each month

We all enjoy using Zwift and, like most most web services, it has a monthly membership fee. If you have been using Zwift for quite some time your monthly fee is likely being billed in USD.

Currently the fee for Zwift is $14.99 USD per month. At the time of publishing this article that converts to $20.98 CAD.

The good news is that you can be billed in Canadian dollars each month. All you need to do is cancel your current Zwift membership and then sign right back up. You can see that this is mentioned on the Zwift support site. The cost per month for Zwift when billed in Canadian dollars is $18.99, for a small savings every month.

Not to worry, you will not lose any progress you have made on Zwift if you cancel your membership. Your connections to third party applications such as Strava, Training Peaks, or will also stay intact. Here is how you can save those few dollars.

Step 1: Log into and go to settings, then the billing area.


Next you have to click the Cancel Subscription link that is a little stealthy to find.

Step 3:

On the next page, scroll down and click the Confirm Cancellation button. Complete the exit survey.

Step 4:

Sign up again by clicking the Upgrade button in the billing area.

Step 5:

Fill out your billing address and credit card information as per usual.

Step 6:

That's it! Now if you check your billing screen it will show the new price in Canadian dollars.

There you go, enjoy your new found savings!

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