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Endurance rides that build your fitness.

WHEN: Sunday, every Sunday.

Join us at 10am every Sunday for a two hour endurance ride on Zwift.  Three years in the making, you can now find our event on the OFFICIAL Zwift calendar.  

The rides are meant to be an endurance or recovery ride and will be two hours in length.  If you can't stay for the full 120 minutes, that's ok. We would love to have you for even 30 minutes.  Late join is enabled so you can hop back in the mix if you fall off the back, or are returning from a nature break.

When joining the ride please choose the category that best fits your endurance pace.

Real-time Communication:

Zwift group chat can be a bit problematic while riding.  To get around this we will communicate on an app called Discord.  Details on Discord can be found here:

Once you have Discord installed on your phone you can join the HPL Cycling voice channel via this link:

Should you need any help please get in touch and we will help get you rolling.

See you Sunday!