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Winter Time Trial Series – That’s a wrap. Ride on!

On March 7, 2020, the last of the indoor time triallers got on their bikes, at their favourite local bike

shops in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert and raced all out to get the best time they could on the

Zwift Volcano course.

Paul Cutting, HPL Cycling Co-founder and creator of this event was pleased by how popular it was. “We were thrilled to see cyclists take on this unique challenge,” he said. “It was exciting to see the cycling communities from across the province come together and compete. I think that being able to ride in the winter with the people you compete with in the summer made the competition even that much more interesting. In all we had 72 participants and 195 unique rides. All those riders visited their local bike shops to take part. We definitely encourage shopping (and getting service) locally whenever possible.”

HPL Cycling believes a further success of the time trial series is that we were able to create a never-

before done event that engaged the cycling community, even in the depths of the Saskatchewan winter.

“We are grateful to the bike stores for their opening up their shops to the five events and pleased to see

an increase in the interest in winter indoor riding and this unique type of eSport,” Cutting adds. “HPL

Cycling hopes to continue the tradition of winter indoor racing in the 2020-21 season!”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants. Thank you as well to Bike Doctor

and Bruce’s Cycle Works (Saskatoon); Western Cycle and Dutch Cycle (Regina) and Fresh Air Experience (Prince Albert) for hosting this first ever HPL Cycling Winter Time Trial Series.

Certificates for all participants and for winners in each category are available for download from the HPL Cycling website for the next few weeks. Bike stores may decide to also honour participants and winners, at their discretion.

Overall provincial winners:

Senior - Women Cat 1-3

1 - Caitlyn Kirkpatrick

2 - Keely Shaw

3 - Korina Porter

Sport - Women Cat 4-5

1 - Mel Stevenson

2 - Jessica Forester

3 - Sarah Bilawski

Junior - Women

1 - Nora Rittinger

2 - Zoey Bourgeois

3 - Ciara Kirkpatrick

Senior - Men Cat 1-3

1 - Blair Drader

2 - Mike Gavelis

3 - Tyler Rittenger

Sport - Men Cat 4-5

1 - Aaron Dennis

2 - Brian Zulkoskey

3 - Carson Ritter

Junior - Men

1 - Solomon Ness

2 - Oskar Stack-Michasiw

3 - Lucas Bryson

Each city also had winners in the same categories. For full details of those winners and all series results visit

HPL Cycling is the only Saskatchewan-wide cycling team. The Winter Time Trial Series was based on the Zwift online platform. Men, women and juniors who race outdoors against each other in season, but who may live hundreds of miles apart participated in this series, as did others who simply wanted to give time trialing and smart trainers a spin. For more information about the Winter Time Trial Series, contact HPL Cycling at and see them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Terry Lazarou, HPL Cycling



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