To download your certificate click on the image to open it.  Then right click and choose "save image as".  Feel free to print it on 8.5"x11" paper or use it on social media.  

Please tag HPL Cycling and your local bike shops.  

If there is a spelling error please let us know and we will correct it for you.

Junior WOMens

Nora Rittinger
Zoey Bourgeois
Ciara Kirkpatrick
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Junior Mens

Solomon Ness
Oskar Stack-Michasiw
Lucas Bryson
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Mel Stevenson
Jessica Forrester
Sarah Bilawski
Laura Pizzey
Jenn Martin
Kathryn Theede
Tara Fuchs
Anne Robins
Susan Meier
Cathy Hancherow
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Aaron Dennis
Brian Zulkoskey
Carson Ritter
Kelly Kudryk
Dane Stennes
Duane Neudorf
Ed Dilsner
Marshall Wilson
Quinton Wismer
Barry Otterson
Bryan Michasiw
Terry Lazarou
Cornelious Kluge
Brad Turk
Paul Cutting
Andrew Cotton
Chris Plishka
Jeff Hehn
Brayden Elliot
Mike Amos
Quinton Robins
Bob Holtsman
Daniel Folkins
Rod Hydum
Regan Arendse
Ron Golden
Devon Kirkland
Kevin Sutton
Brad Spokes
Graham Parsons
Kent Windsor
Ron Howse
Eric Sy
Dylan Cooper
Tim Schroeder
Devon Horvath
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Senior Women

Caitlyn Kirkpatrick
Keely Shaw
Korina Porter
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Senior men

Blair Drader
Mike Gavelis
Tyler Rittenger
Brayden Windsor
Jordan Stevenson
Alex Ryback
Joel Haight
Jason Bergen
Peter Steckhan
Steve Machuk
Cory Funk
Scott Theede
Steve Froese
Christian Macintosh
Greg McKee
Jimmy Oneschuk
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