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Women's Rides: Projects


WHEN: Wednesday, every Wednesday

The goal of this ride is:
- Ride together in a group & have fun
- Make Zwift friends around the world & socialize
- Receive support in your training
- Become stronger on the bike

Everyone rides together in a group and is supportive of each other. We have lots of fun and tons of inspiration on this ride.

The average pace is between 1.5 - 2W/kg. If riders are not up to this pace then you are welcome to form a group behind the leader group. We usually have riders of different levels on this ride so feel free to create different groups behind the beacon - you will still be able to join the chat.


How the rides work:

These rides will be hosted on the Zwift platform using something called a "Zwift Meetup." This requires you to follow Amy on Zwift, and Amy will follow you.  You can follow Amy via the Zwift Companion cell phone app.  Find her by searching for her with the name, Amy Richter - HPL Cycling.
To get an invite we need to know who you are, please fill out the following form so we can make sure you are not missed.
Sign up just once and Amy will invite you to all of the events moving forward.  

Discord for the chats:

Please fill out this form so Amy knows to invite you - 

Women only Zwift rides
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