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Zwift Jersey Success - HPL Cycling Defies the Odds

Updated: Feb 7

In the expansive realm of virtual cycling, the story of HPL Cycling is a testament to the power of vision, passion and grit. On Zwift, the world’s premier virtual cycling training platform, HPL Cycling's release of their team jersey has become a symbol of triumph against the odds.

In a landscape overshadowed by larger teams and globally recognized cycling brands, HPL Cycling faced a daunting challenge to have their jersey featured on Zwift. Their narrative resembled a classic David-and-Goliath tale, but their years of hosting top-tier community rides and collaborating with national cycling bodies to shape Zwift programming positioned them as a worthy organization.

The uniqueness of the HPL Cycling jersey on Zwift lies in its meticulous replication of their outdoor team kit, a design born from a close collaboration with Starlight Custom Apparel. This connection to their real-world identity not only sets them apart in the virtual cycling community but also elevates the team's reputation in both the digital realm of Zwift and the broader outdoor cycling culture, contributing to the significance of their achievements.

At its core, their journey imparts a vital lesson: success isn't defined by the team's size but by the strength of their spirit and impact. HPL Cycling's Zwift story serves as an inspiration, urging us to embrace authenticity, overcome limitations, and pedal towards success, regardless of the team's size.

The HPL Cycling jersey can be unlocked in Zwift in two ways.

1 – By completing an event that HPL Cycling hosts on the Zwift World Event Calendar.  Such as our HPL Cycling Provincial+ Endurance Ride

2 – By sending HPL Cycling your ‘Zwift ID’ which we can then apply the jersey to your profile on Zwift.


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