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Dynamic Cyclist - Review

Updated: May 19, 2022

Authored by HPL Cycling team member, Blair Drader. Use the discount code HPLCYCLING on checkout you will receive a 25% discount. I've been using Dynamic Cyclist's Daily Stretching and Mobility program for about 75 days now. It was obvious when I started just how much my flexibility had declined and I didn't notice because it happened gradually over time. Last fall I had a knee injury caused by inflexibility and overuse by running and used the services of a physiotherapist to recover for 6-8 weeks. I decided that it was time to do injury prevention and stretching and mobility sounded like a great way to do that. Dynamic Cyclist's staff are coaches, personal trainers, athletic therapists, and they can articulate what you need to do to get the most out of your use of the program. About four weeks into the stretching program, I could tell that I had a wider range of motion and noticed that I wasn't getting things like a sore lower back or tight hamstrings anymore. Eight weeks after starting the program I found that I felt better all the time and no longer got the aches and stiffness that used to set in after sitting or lying down for a while. This has also translated into a more aerodynamic fit on the bike, which equals free speed as I'm now using less power to push against the wind.

I prefer to do the stretching program right after a run or about an hour after supper, but have also had success doing the daily routine in the morning, or at lunch time. Given that the average daily video length is 15-20 minutes you can fit them in whenever you want and easily do a couple in a day if you have specific problem areas that you want to target. The videos include stretching tips so you know if you are doing them the right way and will really point out trouble spots if they exist. Beyond the stretching and mobility program, there are also programs on strength training, injury prevention, roll & release, and specific bike training plans for Beginners, Endurance, Climb, Gran Fondo, and a Yoga and Pilates program. Dynamic Cyclist also has current pro rider Jordan Cheyne, and retired pro rider Allan Prazsky walk you through some skill videos focusing on clipping in, stopping, pedalling, climbing, cornering, and riding on the road. This resource had me hooked with the stretching programs but there is obviously so much more to it. Dynamic Cyclist offers a free seven-day trial and has a seven day on ramp program just for that, look them up at

PS: If you use the discount code HPLCYCLING on checkout you will receive a 25% discount.

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