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2019 Canadian Masters ITT Championships

HPL Cycling will be represented at the 2019 Canadian Masters ITT Championships by Mike Gavelis. We hope you enjoy his thoughts on the competition below.


Wednesday is an early morning to get to the airport for a one stop flight from YXE to Victoria via YYC. Just a short 4 day trip to race the Canadian Masters ITT Championships but no shortage on luggage to take between the bike an extra wheel set and all the gear and clothes on top of that.

The plan is to get there 2 days before race day on Friday to assemble the bike and get settled before the race. A lot of effort has gone into planning for just a short 18km race around a 6km loop from Clover Point. A fairly flat course looking at the elevation chart with only 27m gained each lap but Im sure it will feel like an eternity when going redline for the distance.

With current forecast of a 40kph gusting wind I should feel like I haven’t left the comfort of the windy flatlands I call home. Thursday Ill get a leg opener in to pre ride the loop. Sign on is Thursday afternoon along with precheck of the bike measurements to make sure there are no last minute surprises at the line. All the prep is done to this point now is just time to go out and do what I do and go as fast as I can on Friday.

~ Mike Gavelis


Mike has arrived and has been out pre-riding the course. Have a great ride Mike.


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