HPL Cycling

Every Sunday HPL Cycling will host a group ride on Zwift.  Unless otherwise stated, the rides will be of the keep together variety.  This way no matter how much effort you put out you will always stay in the group, unless you stop peddling.  You can even incorporate your regular workout into the ride if you like.

The rides will be setup to run for two hours.  You can leave anytime but you will need to be there 5 minutes before the start time as you can't join a meetup after it has begun.

Important Details

Meetup Invite

The person in charge of the meetup can only invite people who follow them.

In order to get an invite please follow these three people on Zwift:

Paul Cutting
Steve Bass

Kelly Chimilar

Accepting the meetup invite:

Just like any other Zwift event you can accept your meetup invite through the Zwift Companion app or in the top right corner of the Zwift startup screen.

Be on time.  There is no late joining of meetup rides in Zwift.
The prompt to join the meetup will appear on your screen 5 minutes before the start time of the event.  


Meetup Communication

Zwift group chat can be a bit problematic while riding.  To get around this we will communicate on an app called Discord.  Details on Discord can be found here: https://zwiftinsider.com/using-discord/

Once you have Discord installed on your phone you can join the HPL Cycling voice channel via this link: https://discord.gg/xBecRqG

See you Sunday!

Group 2
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