Recommended Training Plans

HPL Cycling's athletes are committed to training year round to improve their performance.  There are many roadways available to achieve your goals.

However if you are looking for a PRO LEVEL training plan for cyclists regardless of age, gender or experience, then HPL Cycling is proud to endorse and recommend the coaching services of CIS Training Systems.

'THE SYSTEM', by CIS Training Systems, is the perfect fit for the novice rider looking to get into shape, or complete his/her first century ride, to the advanced rider looking for the winning edge in a local club ride or competitive race. 


The CIS Training Systems Cycling Program is the right solution that delivers the goods.

To be clear, you do not have to be training with CIS Training Systems to be a part of HPL Cycling.


12 Week

Interested in structured training?  Looking to improve your fitness? 

12 week introductory program to establish proper training behaviors for long-term results.  Excellent program for all disciplines of cycling and multi-sport athletes.

This program can be completed with or without ZWIFT.


Level 1: 24 Week
CIS & Zwift Academy Program

The most popular CIS training program.  This program is performed on Zwift and will take your fitness to a new level.

Get fit, fast, and focused with this pro level experience designed for everyone. 


You will see results, hands down.


24 Week Zwift Effect

Self Directed Program

The 24 week self directed CIS Academy Zwift Training Program is designed to give you the best indoor training experience available.  

Coaching not included.