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The Sask Provincial+ Zwift Gran Fondos have been put together, in cooperation, by HPL Cycling, Prince Albert's Rock n' Road Cycling ClubRegina Cycle Club, Bruce's Cycle Works - Saskatoon, and Saskatoon's The Bike Doctor.

What’s a Fondo?
It’s a giant group ride, with a ride-at-your-own-pace style that many newcomers are sure to love. Seasoned riders, get ready to put your legs to work. These mega-events brings together tons of cyclists all working for their personal best time.


Choose Your Fondo Challenge

The Sask Provincial+ Zwift Fondo Series comes in two different endurance challenges: Gran and Medio.  Choose your preferred ride based on your fitness or personal goals.  These events will have results, but they are not a race.   Some will choose to ride it like one, and that's ok.  Do what’s comfortable, and go at your own pace.  If this is your first fondo or big group ride, welcome.  We hope you have a blast!

- Gran Fondo //  The most challenging route.

- Medio Fondo //  Find a good pace and push to the finish, or find a group and work together to complete the distance.

Is This a Race?
No, it's a personal challenge against the distance and the clock. Some participants will ride the event like a race but there is no winner of the Sask Provincial+ Fondo Series. It's all about doing your best and trying to finish the route.  You will receive a finishing time.

How to Join the Events
To join these events please click the "Join Challenge" button above and fill out the google form so we know which event Meet-up you want to be invited to.  Then, please follow Ian Loughran HPL Cycling on Zwift so he can send you the Fondo meetup invite.


Meetup Information

We will send out Meetup invites to organize the Gran Fondos.   To use meetups participants need to be following the person who is setting up the meetup. Not sure how to follow someone on Zwift?  Watch this 30 second video.

Dec 26, 2020 Route Info 

Gran Fondo - 8AM Start
World: France
Route: Tire-Bouchon
Lap Distance: 61 km
Elevation Gain Per Lap: 431 m / 1414 ft
Laps: 2
Total Distance: 125.1 km
Description: This longer Fondo route takes you on a meandering - and ascending - tour of France. Make sure you have a Baguette dipped in Café Au Lait before you venture off on this one and enjoy the rolling scenery in France. You may need the chamois cream for this ride and plenty of water and Nuun/Scratch in arm’s reach- because you’re gonna need it. Vive La France, baby.

Medio Fondo - 8:05AM Start
World: France
Route: Petit Boucle
Lap Distance: 62 km
Elevation Gain Per Lap: 430 m / 1742 ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 62 km
Description: The domestic relationship saver version of the Provincial+ Fondo! Also, for those that want to have less saddle sores, and more time for Baguettes after the ride, the Medio will give you a beautiful view of what France has to offer while giving you more time to chillax at the end of the ride. Or perhaps allow you more time for your household chores and online present shopping for the holiday season. 


Jan 2, 2021 Route Info 


Gran Fondo - 8AM Start

World: London

Route: London Pretzel

Lap Distance: 55.6 km

Elevation Gain Per Lap: 531 m / 1742 ft

Laps: 2

Total Distance: 111.7 km

Description: This could be your first century of 2021. If you need a long break from the chaos of the holidays season and prefer not to venture off into a covid-saturated world (assuming we’re not in full lock down!) you can escape to the world of Zwift in London. Watch out for those who may have overindulged on New Years as you navigate the London Pretzel.  This route covers all of the roads in this awesome Zwift world! Bring your hydration, season’s cheer, and fruit loaf on this one.  Oh, and some Brittany Spears holiday tunes...


Media Fondo - 8:05AM Start

World: London

Route: Greatest London Loop

Lap Distance: 25.6 km

Elevation Gain Per Lap: 345 m / 1132 ft

Laps: 2

Total Distance: 51.7 km

Description: The Medio fondo is the perfect length to allow for plenty of time to shovel the driveway, put the recycling away and prepare food for the upcoming week. The endorphins pumped through your body on this one will be just enough to defeat the pressures of the holiday break family dynamics of lock-down. It’s really cycle-therapy. *smile* You’re welcome, the invoice is in the mail.

Sask Provincial+ Zwift Gran Fondos

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