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You asked for something and we delivered.

At 10AM each Saturday until the end of March HPL Cycling will be serving up a battle of attrition with a whole lot of adrenaline. 


Fiat vs Ford vs Ferrari - Team Pursuit

How it works:
The concept is simple The "slower" group starts first and the "faster" groups have to catch them.

The focus of most of this event will be working together as a team to stay away from the chase groups, or to catch the groups ahead.  Working together means taking pulls at the front and using power ups wisely to help your group go faster.  Did you catch that?  To help your group go faster.

Total distance is 35km.  Start time is 10AM.

If the Ferrari or the Ford group catch the Fiat group then it's every cyclist for themselves.  First to cross the line is the winner. 

Event will be run via meetup.  
When the meetup begins the Fiats take off immediately.  Followed by the Fords 4 minutes later.  Ferrari's you must stay stationary until 2:30 minutes after the Fords leave.  Your start time is 6:30 minutes into the meetup.

Fiats start immediately.
Fords 4 minutes in.
Ferraris 6:30 minutes in.

The Groups:

Fiat Group - If your FTP is 2.5W/kg or under you are in this group
Ford Group -  If your FTP is 2.51-3.2W/kg you are in this group
Ferrari Group - If your FTP is over 3.2/Wkg you are in this group

The Rules:
1 - Choose any bike in Zwift you like.

2 - Power Ups are allowed.  Use them to benefit your group
3 - If you get dropped, finish out the ride.

Let's go!