Coffee and cycling go hand in hand.  HPL Cycling believes in building the community of cycling regardless of what genre of cycling you enjoy.  Coffee is a beverage that is enjoyed by all, no matter what kind of cyclist you are.  It allows us to all sit together and swap stories of the best parts of the days ride.  We all love the 'cafe stop' during a ride.

This is why HPL Cycling decided to introduce its own line of coffee.  Freshly roasted locally in Saskatchewan for all to enjoy.  

Our coffee is whole bean and sold in 1lb bags. Cost is $20 per pound.


If you are interested in buying our coffee please email us at info@hplcycling.ca

Dark Roast

medium Roast



Cardio with Christina

9:00 am

January 14, 2017


This coffee is roasted to the precise point where you receive the full body cup you are desiring in your dark roast with a slight hint of smokey flavour, while bringing out the earthy/peanut cupping notes this great blend has the capabilities of producing.

$20 per pound

Boxing with Jasmine

9:30 am

January 14, 2017


We've developed one heck of a coffee blend sure to please. With notes of orange zest and milk chocolate, this coffee is perfect post ride or served with a savory morning breakfast. Enjoy!

$20 per pound