Welcome to the Saskatchewan Winter Race Series.  HPL Cycling, and partners, worked together to provide a continued season for cyclists through organizing a multi week points based race series.

These events will be held in Zwift using the meetup functionality.  Events will take place every Saturday at 10:00AM.  The first series is set to begin on November 14th.  Another series would begin after the Christmas and New Year’s break if interest is there.   

Each week the race will consist of a different course that will aim for a 60 - 90-minute race.  Everyone will do the same distance, meaning even if you get lapped in your race, you will still complete the full distance.


Series Dates:

  • November 14, 2020

  • November 21, 2020

  • November 28, 2020

  • December   5, 2020

  • December 12, 2020

  • December 19, 2020


Using a google form, registration will be required each week in order to send out accurate meetup invites to for each event.   Registration will close each week on Friday at 8:00 PM.  Register here


Zwift Meetup Requirements

In order for us to organize the races using meetups participants need to be following the person who is setting up the meetup.
Please follow these three people on Zwift so that they can invite you to the meetup.  Not sure how to follow someone on Zwift?  Watch this 30 second video.

Paul Cutting CISCycling/HPLCycling

Kelly Chimilar KOS HPL Cycling
Steven Bass - HPL Cycling


The Saskatchewan Winter Race Series will be arranged using a “watts per kilogram” (W/kg) grouping system.   


What is W/kg? W/kg is calculated by dividing your watts at any point of your ride by your body weight.  If you are putting out an average of 240 Watts over the course of a race and you weigh 80 KG, then you will be delivering an average of 3.0 W/kg for that event.


If you don’t know what your average wattage is for an indoor ride like this, we’ve compiled a chart that you can use as a starting point.  Still don’t know what your average W/kg would be?  No problem.  We will use the first weeks results to adjust the groupings.  The series organizers will be continuously monitoring everyone’s w/kg and will move you up into the next category should your average power output place you into a higher category.


You will need modify your Zwift Username to include the code in the table above so everyone knows what category you are racing in during the event, and for assigning points. 

Everyone should race in the category that matches their “virtual” power abilities. 

Every week we will evaluate each participant’s performance and let you know if you need to be riding in a higher category. If you are required to move up, you will take half your points with you. Your results from the lower category will remain but the points table may be redistributed. Participants may choose to race up a category on their own but in doing so forfeit any points awarded in their previous category.

Youth riders are highly encouraged to participate and will compete with everyone else. 


Rules & Regulations 

-    All rides must be uploaded to STRAVA to be included in the standings.
-    Please join the Sask Virtual Cycling Club on STRAVA making collection of results more efficient - Click here to join
-    Race with your real name.
-    Be honest about your data in Zwift and STRAVA, especially your height and weight.

-    Add your weight to your STRAVA profile
-    Organizers will move you up categories if your power in Zwift is over the max for the category you raced in.
-    If you are moved up a category you will take HALF of your total points with you.
-    If you choose to move DOWN a category, you do not take any points with you.
-    You must sign up every week by Friday at 6:00 PM in order to receive a meetup invite. 
-    If you do not appear in the Zwift results, you will be listed as DNS. 
-    If you complete part of the race but don't finish, your result will be listed as DNF. This includes hardware/internet issues.
-    Results will be posted on the HPL Cycling website as soon as possible after the racing concludes. 
-    HPL Cycling or its partners are not responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of your participation in this event. 
-    There is no dispute process beyond clerical errors and omissions. 
-    Enjoy the racing among friends.
-    Participants can race using Z-Power but will be identified as such in the results.  The results of participants using Z-Power are for display purposes only as they cannot be verified as accurate measures of power.

Indoor Road Race Points Series 
Points, yes we have four categories of points!  Points for where you place in the race, participation points, honesty points, and points for following directions.  There will also be penalty points!  Pay close attention to the points system, really it’s quite a simple system.

Points Structure

points scale.jpg

Participation Points: 
- Registering for the race using the online form: 5 Points 
- Reporting your inability to start the race (DNS) by 9:00am race day to : 
  3 Points 

Points for Results: 
Using a sliding scale, the more participants that start in each race, the more points available to win. 

Using the chart to the left, you can see how many points are available depending on how many start in your category (including DNF’s). For example, if there were 15 confirmed starters in Zwift C, the 1st place winner would receive 41 points, 2nd place would get 38 points, 3rd place would get 35 points, and so on. 

If there were 25 or more starters in your category, 1st all the way down to 25th would get points from the table, starting with 100 points for first, 90 for 2nd, etc, with everyone finishing after 25th place receiving 10 points. 

* If only 2 starters, 10 and 8 points will be awarded.  With only 1 starter, 5 points will be awarded.

Honesty Points: 
- Using an HR monitor and displaying the data on STRAVA: 3 points 
- Adding your “Zwift Code” category to the end of your Zwift username: 1 point per started event. 

Penalty Points: 
- Not reporting your DNS before 9:30am to : -5 points 

*Anyone losing 15 or more points during the series will not be included in results for the remainder of the series.

*Total points in the results will be broken up between males and females within a given category.