Athlete Information

South Africa's TransCape MTB Journey and Canada's HPL Cycling Team have joined forces to bring you four virtual events in the month of February.  These events are sure to provide each cyclist just the right amount of challenge to make the most of your time on the turbo trainer.  One of the unique opportunities provided to participants, and TransCape Alumni, is the opportunity to ride together and talk together in real time from anywhere in the world.

Race Details:
Each event is limited to 100 participants.  If enough interest is generated, we may open additional spots.


The Virtual TransCape events will occur every Saturday in the month of February.
Feb 6, 13, 20, 27

Start time: 

Event start time will be set at 9AM CST. Depending on where you are located, your start time will need to be converted to reflect your local time zone.  Some relevant conversions are:  

10AM - EST


How the stages work.
The TransCape event stages will be hosted on the Zwift platform using something called a "Zwift Meetup." Once you are registered for the event the organizers will be able to invite you to each stage that you have registered for.

We have to play within the rules of Zwift here, so after you have registered you will need to follow the person hosting each Meetup.  You can do this via the Zwift Companion cell phone app.  The person everyone will need to follow is Paul Cutting. To find him on Zwift Companion search for him with the name, Paul Cutting HPL Cycling.

If you are not sure how to follow someone on Zwift Companion please watch this short video.

Now that you have followed Paul Cutting HPL Cycling on Zwift he will be able to send you an invite to the stages you have registered for.  One more step, you will need to confirm that you are attending the meetup.  

If you are not sure how to confirm your attendance to the meetup, please watch this video.

Be on time. 
This means that you should have Zwift open, running, and you are currently in a world with your avatar on a road.  The prompt to join your TransCape meetup will appear on your screen anywhere from 15minute before the event starts, to as little as 5 minutes before the start time of the event.  These are timed events so if you miss the start, you are marked as a DNS.

Give yourself plenty of time of time as you may need it.

Discord - Meetup Communication

Chatting with your TransCape Alumni and other event participants is easy.  Catch up with one another or fire taunts at the person you just passed on the climb! 


Meetup communication will be held on an app called Discord.  Discord is a free app that can be installed on your cell phone.  We recommend that you use headphones with a built in mic for clear communications.  Most modern cell phone headsets would do just fine. 

Discord runs on iPhone and Android mobile devices, as well as Windows and Mac.

A detailed article on Discord use can be found here:

Step 1 - Installation is simple: just search for “Discord” on your mobile device, or visit on your computer and click the link to download the app.

Step 2 - Setup an account on Discord

Step 3 - Join the HPL Cycling voice channel via this link: